Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is a key factor to managerial compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

As from 1st October 2006 it is a legal requirement for every workplace to have a Fire Risk Assessment, while those employing five or more persons will have to be able to produce a formalised written Fire Risk Assessment using the applied risk profiling and fire safety management strategies detailed in British Standards.

A Fire Risk Assessment assesses the fire risks, the protective and preventative measures and processes/procedures in force in premises against established standards. The assessment identifies necessary controlling measures to remove or reduce risk to an acceptable level and produces an action plan for compliance. TSG Safety Solutions follows strict assessment protocols against applied enforcement criteria to identify and assess suitability of:

A Risk Assessment must be carried out if:

• You are an employer, even if you have one employee
• You are a landlord or managing agent in control of a building
• You are responsible for managing the common-access areas of a block of flats, maisonettes or HMO (house in multiple occupation)

Fire risk profile

Fire detection systems

Fire exists, escape route and evacuation strategies

Travel distances and occupancy factors

Emergency lighting systems

Fire signage

Sprinkler systems

Smoke control and ventilation systems

Fire safety training provision

Risk Assessment

On completion of the Fire Risk Assessment, our senior fire engineer will provide a compliance document which identifies significant risks, those persons at risk and solutions necessary to remove or reduce the risk to an acceptable level and in a designated timescale.